Valentina Borodina, Medical Intuitive, Scientist, and Healer

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“Everything is made of love.”

Valentina Borodina is an internationally known Russian healer, medical intuitive, therapist, teacher, scientist, and writer. Valentina was born and has lived much of her life in southwest Siberia. From an early age, her grandmother trained her in the traditional arts of herbology and healing, which later expanded to include homeopathy and bio-energetic healing through gentle body adjustments. These body adjustments are deep and advanced forms of therapy that penetrate the body’s awareness to where the roots of a condition reside. At this cellular level, emotional blockages and physical illness are healed without medication. Valentina describes each experience so that clients can fully participate and open their conscious awareness. The depths of love, the unclaimed gifts of the soul, and a knowing of God arise from her work.

In 1981, she received a master’s degree in anatomy, physiology, and psychology. In 1985, while working on her PhD in medical biochemistry at the government’s Cardiology Scientific and Medical Center in Moscow, she began research into how heart failure, multi-organ toxicity, and other health disorders affect body systems. Herbs became the key, linking allopathic and alternative forms of medicine. Valentina proceeded to study the effects of toxicity and stress on the physical system and how energy healing can restore the body to its natural cycles for greater balance and wellness.

Q. What has been the most challenging part of your path?

My life has not been easy. I had my first son when I was unmarried and still in high school. Like the deaths of my brother and youngest son, this event could have broken me. Instead, it helped make me stronger. It added to my awareness that support is all around us and is always available. It is never too late to take anything that has happened in the past and use it as a strength. Nothing has to remain a painful trauma. You can draw power from it to move forward.

Q. What is your earliest memory? Why do you remember it?

I had a happy, simple childhood playing with the other kids in the village. I remember my grandmother teaching me about herbs, which ones to eat and which ones to use in healing. Very often, I realized that I already knew the things she was telling me. But at the time I believed that every kid knew them as well. When I was five or six, I remember my mother talking with a neighbor who was trying to get pregnant. I was listening and wanted to tell her that she would conceive if she slept with her husband and drank her urine the next morning. I remember this because I wanted to tell her so badly, even though I didn’t even know what sleeping with her husband meant. (I didn’t know about sexual intercourse at that age.) Something similar happened when I was eleven and overheard a pregnant woman standing outside the store saying that she’d just seen her doctor about her swollen legs. I wanted to tell her to follow her doctor’s advice because the swelling was all over her body and was adversely affecting her baby. But, as in the last example, something told me not to say anything. Who would have listened? I was a child.

When I was eighteen, I started to speak the intuitions that were coming to me and learned very quickly that people did not always want to listen, especially when they were not asking for help. But I just couldn’t stop because it was harder to stop than to keep going, to keep working on people all the time. So one of my greatest challenges has always been knowing when to use this knowledge and when to remain silent.

For the rest of the interview, please check out the book, Seek The Lover Within: Lessons from 50 Spiritual Leaders.

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