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Harminder_Sahib_Paramjit_photo“Let go of the word ‘I.’”

Sarabjeet Kaur is a homemaker. She was born in Delhi, India and later moved to California with her husband. In California, Sarabjeet was part of an elementary school multicultural program that taught students about different world religions. Sarabjeet has a master’s degree in computer science from California University.

Q. What is the greatest challenge facing society?

A. Our narrow-minded focus on the “I” or “ego” traps us in selfishness, materialism, and division. We erect artificial barriers to gain power and exploit others for our own purposes. What do we hope to achieve? Nothing good can come from fear and domination. Instead, we should focus on respect, peace, and goodwill. God is oneness. From one Gem, all people and faiths were created. God would never ask us to hurt others in his name. When we do, we crush this Gem into rubble.

Q. What advice would you give someone just starting his or her spiritual path?

A. Let go off the word “I.” Replace it with being good and treating others as equals. Don’t get into a debate about God. There are many paths to the divine. Study all of them so you can enhance your understanding of the creator and the world. Use scientific and technological advances to grow closer to each another. These advances give us the chance to share our best spiritual teachings and practices.

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