Linda Sloan, Author of Reinventing the Wheel and Cofounder of The Transformation Group

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“Sit in God’s lap and allow yourself to be truly loved by him”

Linda graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. She went to work as an account executive for a large insurance company and later was promoted to the home office as a recruiter and trainer for field sales and service representatives. Later, Linda joined her husband, Eric, as an employee benefits consultant specializing in customized, self-funded insurance plans. She also worked alongside him in restoration ministry, becoming an ordained marketplace pastor in 2006. Together, they founded The Transformation Group, a company whose purpose is to equip organizations to succeed in the fullness of God’s plan for their business. Linda has written her first book, Reinventing the Wheel, on transforming the marketplace through shifting business structure out of the traditional pyramid shape (control) into the shape of a wheel (collaboration). She has done extensive teaching on the subject.

Q. What changes are others noticing about you?

A: Knowing who I am in Christ transformed me from a victim to an overcomer. I stand in the authority of Christ and expect God to do miracles daily. For example, I often have the opportunity to pray for people and God delivers divine healing. I have watched God bring many individuals deliverance from blockages in their lives, deep emotional healing, as well as physical healing. One time, I prayed for someone and felt it was important to pray for God to heal her heart. As we completed the prayer, the individual shared that she was supposed to have open-heart surgery the next day. Two weeks later, she approached me at church to celebrate the doctor’s report. She said that the doctor had done another test prior to beginning the surgery. To everyone’s surprise, her heart was completely healed. The doctor couldn’t understand it but said she did not need surgery. Glory to God!

Q. What advice would you give someone just starting his or her spiritual path?

A: Start by sitting in God’s lap and allowing yourself to be truly loved by him. Ask the Lord to show you what his plan is for your life and take time to prepare yourself for the fullness of it. Deliverance and healing are for everyone. God will lead you in the right time.

Q. Anything else?

A: I want to see the fullness of the God of the Bible operating outside of church buildings, in our daily lives and in everything we do, especially in the marketplace. This is where Jesus and his disciplines spent most of their time and many people need to see miracles to believe. My husband and I are called to equip businesses and organizations so the Lord can fully dwell there.

For the rest of the interview, please check out the book, Seek The Lover Within: Lessons from 50 Spiritual Leaders.

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