Denye Robbins, Vice President and Cofounder, Bridge2Bliss

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“Cultivate your neutral witness. Then frequencies just pass through.”

Denye and her husband Robert are the cofounders of Bridge2Bliss, a company dedicated to raising self-awareness and helping people reach their highest potential through personal and professional growth, action, and positive change. Denye works with clients using the power of intention, free will, and focus to help them create the lives of their dreams. This process involves heart-centered methods, tools, and processes for helping people live with authenticity and purpose and achieve balance in all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, social, etc. Denye and Robert developed self-awareness through meditation and service, and they continue to find ways to weave higher calibrated levels of consciousness, presence, and “BEing-ness” into daily activities within their community, business, and personal spheres. They look forward to becoming a part of your personal growth team and empowering your heart’s desires.

Q. What is your earliest memory? Why do you remember it?

A: When I was three years old, I was in my grandmother’s kitchen on Easter Sunday. She was preparing something with a French fry cooker. I was hopping through her kitchen and my hand hit the cooker and the grease went all over my body. It’s such a memory of shock, shattering, and a cosmic, Why did this happen to my little body? I understood that the rest of the world was celebrating the glory of God and the Resurrection and that I was in trauma and pain floating in sulfur water for three months. It’s a memory that runs through my body like post-traumatic stress disorder, activating the pain in me so I can relate to the pain of others. The incident expanded my field so much that my body became a pain detector. I carry the skin grafts, the marks on my legs and hips. I don’t carry them on my face. My grandmother saw what was happening and pulled on my arm so my face went in the opposite direction.

Q.  What books or resources have helped you the most? Why?

A: What supports me is aligning myself with things that are life affirming, that vibrate at a high frequency of consciousness. This goes back to Dr. David Hawkins’ work with the Map of Consciousness. We can use these calibrated levels of consciousness as a discernment tool. For example, I prefer to spend time with people who are doing consciousness work. They remind me who I am when I forget and they depend on me to do the same for them. I also prefer to eat foods filled with life force and to take antioxidants and marine phytoplanktons that repair my cells and build the new spiritual DNA. Being optimum in our bodies supports our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They are all connected.

Water is another resource. We have a container of it upstairs with the words “love, harmony, and balance” written underneath, much like Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work as seen in the film What the Bleep!? When I am in the bathtub, I like to submerge myself, going all the way under into that amniotic, pre-cave experience of the womb. Sometimes I add a few drops of essential oils to help lift my vibration.

I also do sound and toning work with a woman named Aurelia who plays the Tibetan Singing Bowls, the didgeridoo, and crystal bowls and teaches about the healing properties of sound.

I like spending time with the very young and old. Kids have no agenda, so I enjoy watching their freedom, authenticity, and joy. I also relish sitting at the feet of someone who has been on the planet longer than I have. There is nothing better than having a group of older women around who say, “I’ve got a thing or two to tell you about womanhood, yourself, and all the little children that we have birthed, nurtured, and supported. That crone wisdom is one of my favorite things. The book The Secret Life of Bees speaks to that with its Black Madonna and other archetypes. It’s hands down the best book for me.

Other things that amplify my vibration include saying prayers, listening to inspirational music, watching birds, having crystals and enlightened rocks in my home, and getting outdoors and connecting to the Earth grid. I am lucky. I have been blessed with the resources to do and see a lot.

For the rest of the interview, please check out the book, Seek The Lover Within: Lessons from 50 Spiritual Leaders.

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