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“Are your lights on or off?”


Cathy Hawk is Founding Director of Clarity International®, a coaching and training firm that teaches skills for how to see, sense, and use energy as a primary life and work strategy. Cathy’s innovative Lights on Learning Method™ rapidly connects clients to their purpose, propelling them into action that supports their vision. Since 1994, Cathy and her Clarity trained coaches have guided thousands of leaders, entrepreneurs, and others to find and follow their callings. Her clients include MBS Property Group, Watership Trading Company, Stratecon, Shields Bay & Printing, The Tauri Group, Inn on the Creek Foods, Floating Feather Spa, Soundings on the Planet, Cultivating Connections, New Dimensions Radio, and Institute of Noetic Sciences.

As a veteran coach, Cathy’s own search for a new vision nearly twenty years ago led to the development of Clarity International ® and the Lights on Learning Method™. Gary Hawk is Managing Director of Clarity International®. He serves as an executive coach and mentor for CEOs, business owners, and senior executives. With over forty years of business experience, Gary’s rich background enables him to guide clients in clarifying business and personal goals, and the process for achieving them. Gary is an attorney and served as General Counsel for a producer and syndicator of television commercials, as well as a rapidly growing plastics manufacturer. He also ran the franchise division of a $450 million services company and owned a four-unit chain of weight loss studios. Gary has worked with businesses such as Anadarko, Aradiant, Biogen-Idec, Corporate Express, Encana. Hewlett-Packard, Goal Financial, Lockheed Martin, Maxim Pharmaceuticals, Paychex, Precision Engine Controls, Qualcomm, San Diego Airport Authority, Shamir Insight, Tenet Healthcare, and Towers Perrin.

Q. Can you please tell us about Clarity International’s coaching method?


People in our culture are taught to do everything until they get exhausted and burn out. Many of their activities drain them because they do what others want, rather than what brings them joy. Our lights on coaching approach is counter-cultural. We encourage people to do what they love, what lights them up, and to let go of anything draining. In our book, Creating the Rest of Your Life, we guide people through Clarity’s Lights on Learning Method© to help them feel the difference between what gives them energy (lights on) and what depletes them (lights off). This discernment helps them take right action.

When I coach people, I actually videotape them before and after our chakra-based interview so they can see this difference and use it as a guide. For example, before pictures often show right-left brain imbalances (appear as left-right face discrepancies), restricted expression (squinted eyes or tight throats), and energy depletion (pale skin or dullness in energy field), all of which improve after the interview.

When a person has a lights on thought, his or her body releases feel good hormones—endorphins like serotonin—which are energizing. This beneficial response causes the person to reflect radiance to the world. He or she looks, feels, and acts differently, causing him or her to attract what he or she wants in life. Conversely, when an individual has a lights off thought, stress-related hormones like cortisol are released, robbing him or her of energy. The person then reflects and acts in a way that attracts what he or she does not want. So, the choice is simple: Are your lights on or off? If what you want to do ranks 7.5 or higher on a 1 to 10 scale, go for it! Your lights are on. If it ranks lower, then change direction. You have to know what lights you up before you can jump into the river of how it will manifest.

Q. What advice would you give someone just starting his or her spiritual path?


Give yourself permission to lead a fully vibrant life in which you receive all you desire. Most of us don’t go there because we feel unworthy or are scared to look inside. I had a business owner say, “Can I still do Clarity if I don’t like self-reflection?” I replied, “Of course. We’re not asking you to revisit old wounds. We’re encouraging you to step back from your life and decide whether what you’re doing energizes or drains you. Spend time focusing on what lights you up.” Successful people have one thing in common—a passion for what they do. Our workshops are all about the “what,” finding what energizes you. We don’t even talk about how to make it happen until the last day.


Stop doing anything that doesn’t rate a 7.5 or higher (out of 10) on your personal satisfaction scale. When you follow your calling, you will attract more of what you want in life. Knowing what you want allows the universe to take over the how. This is the Law of Attraction at its finest. You then will start asking journalistic questions such as, “What do I need to know for this next step?” rather than strategy questions such as, “How will I accomplish all these tasks?” Defining the what before the how helps you live lights on.

For the rest of the interview, please check out the book, Seek The Lover Within: Lessons from 50 Spiritual Leaders.

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