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Volume 1: Seek The Lover Within: Lessons from 50 Spiritual Leaders by Tuula Fai (Foreword by Penney Peirce)

ISBN: 978-1-935689-05-8, 262 page paperback, Published by Wise Media Group

Your Divine Lover is waiting for you! What if you had the same passion for yourself that a lover would? What if that love were within you, guiding you every step of the way?

(Excerpt from the foreword by Penney Peirce)
We live in a time when the globalization of our awareness is expanding by leaps and bounds. We’re becoming ever more
conscious of the staggering varieties of people on Earth and their different standards of living. We’re flooded with
knowledge of myriad religious beliefs and cultural practices, and with the ignorant fears and dangerous superstitions that threaten our collective survival. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, or even hopeless, when confronted with the diversity, fragmentation, and conflict that seem apparent on the surface of things. How will we ever understand each other and learn to live together without destruction following constantly in our wake?

To find an answer, we must first consider the possibility that there is an answer, and that re-framing the problem is
necessary for discovering it. We might consider the idea that diversity has a positive purpose, that our exploding global consciousness is occurring with perfect timing so something better can happen. Instead of looking at our differences as fodder for defensive action, we might see them as helpful. To find an answer we must ask new questions.

Questions like: What do we all have in common, in spite of our differences? How can we see ourselves each as an integral part of a higher, more unified awareness? How can we see each other as aspects—unmaterialized, potential aspects—of our own greater self? And how can we then understand and trust the flow of intent, knowledge, and action through all of us, by all of us, and for all of us?

Tuula Fai has begun this re-framing and questioning process here in Seek the Lover Within: Lessons from 50 Spiritual

Leaders, by going directly to the wisest people she could find and talking to them about what they see as important today, about what they learned for themselves and how they learned these core lessons, which may indeed be universal among all peoples. What may have begun as an innocent desire to represent the views and wisdom of spiritual teachers became an experience that changed Tuula, cutting through her identification with her very bright mind and putting her squarely in the center of her heart’s much broader understanding of unity and ability to engage with life. I know this because I’ve watched how the process of writing this book has opened her to a new sense of self, and in a very short time.

Vol. 1 features intimate interviews with twenty-seven spiritual leaders:

1. Professor Mohammed Abu-Nimer, American University School of International Service
2. Isaac Allen, Leap! Ventures LLC
3. Janet Attwood, Speaker and Best Selling Author of The Passion Test
4. Bob Burg, Speaker and Best Selling Author
5. Alan Cohen, Best Selling Author and Founder of All About U
6. Sister Annie Credidio, Founder of Damien House
7. Jorge Luis Delgado, Inca Shaman and Author of Andean Awakening
8. Rabbi Bruce Dollin, Senior Rabbi, Hebrew Educational Alliance
9. Charlie Duke, Apollo 16 Astronaut and Moon Walker Cofounder of Duke Ministry for Christ
10. Jeffrey Duvall, Cofounder of Men’s Council Project and Men’s Leadership Alliance
11. Timothy Freke, Best Selling Author and Stand-up Philosopher
12. Laurie Grant, Kahuna of Oneness and ARCH Founder
13. Rev. Dr. Kent Ira Groff, Oasis Ministries
14. Cathy and Gary Hawk, Clarity International
15. Janice Hoffman, Relationship Expert and Author
16. Sarabjeet Kaur, Sikh Religion
17. Rhetah Kwan, Life Coach
18. Marguerite McCormack, Licensed Professional Counselor
19. Greg Mooers, Creator of the Heart Virtue program at Bridge2Bliss
20. Melanie Mulhall, President and Founder of Dragonheart
21. Victoria Munro, Cofounder, Make-it-Fly
22. Penney Peirce, Intuitive, Author, and Speaker
23. Linda Potter, Author of If God Would Only Give Me a Sign and Editor of BellaSpark Magazine
24. Rev. Dr. Christina A. Rose, Universal Life Church
25. Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, Author of Full Body Presence CranioSacral Instructor and Therapist
26. Shree Krishna Shahi, Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapist and Sound Healer
27. Mukunda Stiles, Author and Director of the Yoga Therapy Center

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Volume 2: Seek The Lover Within: Lessons from 50 Spiritual Leaders by Tuula Fai (Foreword by Linda M. Potter)

ISBN: 978-1-935689-06-5, 270 page paperback, Published by Wise Media Group

(Excerpt from Foreword by Linda M Potter):
What we’re all seeking is direction and purpose. To become finders, we need to refocus our search from outside of ourselves to within, to that sacred inner place of divine wisdom.

The spiritual leaders profiled in this book have all “inquired within” in one way or another, and found what they sought… at least in part. Even as “finders” we are led to seek and seek again. We are finders and seekers, finders and seekers, repeating the cycle over and over. But, with each new search, we have a greater understanding of exactly what we’re looking for.

Tuula Fai began her journey as a seeker. During her fifty interviews, she has become a finder and a seeker and a finder
once again…fifty times (and still counting). What a wonderful experience it is to sit beside Tuula as she engages in
question and answer sessions with some of the most fascinating people on the planet; interviews that are often profound, sometimes humorous, occasionally paradigm-shattering, and always inspiring. Each life journey, each “aha” moment shared, is as unique as the spiritual leaders themselves.

Whether Tuula realizes it or not, the very process of putting together these two volumes has made her a spiritual leader.

She has chosen to commit to a path that reflects the best she can be, a path of empowerment that has turned her from a
seeker to a finder of the lover within.

Questions each interviewee include:

  • What has been the most challenging part of your path?
  • Who are your mentors? What have you learned from them?
  • What is the greatest challenge facing society?
  • What advice would you give someone just starting his or her spiritual path?
  • What are your practices for connecting to your higher purpose?
  • If you had thirty seconds with someone in an elevator, what three things would you tell the person to do to be joyful, peaceful, and whole?
  • What books or resources have helped you the most? Why?

Vol. 2 features twenty eight intimate interviews with:

1. Laleh Bakhtiar, Author of The Sublime Quran
2. Valentina Borodina, Medical Intuitive, Scientist, and Healer
3. Tamara Bowman Mooers, President, Emerald Echo, the Resort. Author, Living on the Edge of Goodbye and
Emerald Echo-The Story
4. Chad Cameron, Leap! Ventures LLC
5. Pamela Chapman, iAscend Programs, LLC
6. Jason Chen, Chinese Intuitive and Fortune-Teller
7. Father Tom Coyte, Priest, Holy Cross Catholic Church
8. Ann Cunningham, Sculptor, Multi-Sensory Artist, and Author
9. Hale Dwoskin, The Sedona Method
10. Alicia Fall, Founder of Her Many Voices
11. Jamy Faust, Cofounder, Healing Arts of Belmont
12. Hugh Halter, Community Missionary and Author of The Tangible Kingdom
13. Hank Innerfeld, Spiritual Healer, Speaker, Teacher, and Author
14. Reverend Cynthia James, Mile Hi Church
15. Lisa Jones, Best Selling Author and Journalist
16. Skip Lackey, Senior Journey Trainer and Practitioner, North America
17. Jill Lublin, Speaker, Strategist, Author, and Radio & TV Host
18. Rabbi Anat Moskowitz, Religion Professor, Colorado College and Rabbi, Congregation B’nai Torah
19. Eric Moya, Esalen and The Upledger Institute
20. Mike Parker, Poet, Painter, Musician, and Mountaineer
21. The Rev. Diana Peters, Intercession Episcopal
22. Denye Robbins, Cofounder, Journeys for Conscious Living
23. Dr. Lewis Ryder, Honorary Senior Lecturer in Physics, University of Kent
24. Elias Salem, A New Monday Life Coaching
25. Linda Sloan, Author and Cofounder of The Transformation Group
26. Janet Solyntjes, The Center for Courageous Living
27. Terri Starck, LifePoint Strategies
28. Eddie Yau, Secondary English Teacher, Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School

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