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Skip Lackey

Skip Lackey first took an interest in emotional release work when he was an actor, director and producer in New York and Los Angeles. His interest led him to work with leaders in the field like Coach Tony Robbins through whom he met Brandon Bays, founder of The Journey. The Journey is a transformational process for clearing old emotional patterns and cellular memories so you can awaken to your full health and potential. Bays created The Journey after healing spontaneously from a basketball-sized tumor in only six and a half weeks.

Key to her recovery was an eight-person healing team that included Lackey. When Bays moved to Europe, she asked him to teach The Journey in North America. So for the last ten years, he and his wife Kristine have given over a thousand Journey Intensive workshops in the U.S. and Canada. They started with individuals but soon were invited to teach in corporations and government agencies like the Canadian Judicial System.

To address the needs of organizations, Lackey created Conscious Company Worldwide. Its visionary leadership programs help professionals live their company’s mission and values. Everyone from executives to employees learn how to release emotional blocks and fears so they can lead with authenticity, confidence and passion. They also start moving past “me” consciousness into “we” consciousness, which contributes to dramatic improvements in organizational effectiveness.

Lackey currently is working with a company in Michigan whose industry has seen little growth the last two decades. After participating in Visionary Leadership, its income increased forty percent in one year. Success came from focusing on “we” metrics around unleashing the consciousness and creativity of team members rather than looking at productivity and efficiency alone.

“We live in a time when science and spirituality are coming together, with biology and quantum physics demonstrating how consciousness can improve our individual well-being, as well as the peace and prosperity of society as a whole,” says Lackey.  Lackey recently interviewed Bestselling author Dr. Bruce Lipton whose research shows how changing our beliefs can improve our cellular health (to see the interview, please visit He’s also writing a book called Evolution Unlimited that gives readers a road map for overcoming blocks to accelerate human evolution.

Lackey’s committed to “helping people open to possibility.” So he’s teaching the Journey Intensive Workshop this September 17 to 18 in Arvada with an Advanced Skills day on September 19.  He’s also invited Brandon Bays’ husband Kevin Billet to teach Stop The Food Fight on October 14 to 16 in Arvada. The workshop is designed to help people release blocks that keep them struggling with their weight. Billet personally battled with food for decades before finally freeing himself through Journeywork.

For more information on The Journey USA, please visit or contact or (866) 860-0900. For more information on Conscious Company Worldwide, please visit or contact or (973) 680-0271.

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františek January 20, 2012 at 4:44 am

If you want to earn money, so you do not buy this book. Half of the book, I cried, without suspecting why, and It pulled me to the total bottom, financially and physically, mentally. I almost committed suicide. This book is full of emotional evil … It shows you know yourself-yes, but rather in the negative. All processes rather painful and swim up the dirt just outside … On the contrary, it will return the bad thoughts … Anything you’ve crossed you back and more power … If you want to devastate mentally, so do not buy … Some věcy should not pull … They start work again and even more power …

Tuula January 20, 2012 at 5:18 pm

Dobry den Frantisek,

I want to thank you for sharing your comments. What was it about the process that pulled you into total bottom? Is it possible that the dirt that swam up lingered, instead of clearing? It might be beneficial to find someone who can support you with clearing the dirt completely. One healer that comes to mind is Sai Maa. Her website is:

Dekuji, Tuula

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