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“The world is nothing more or less than the consciousness I use to see it.” Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen, M.A., is the author of twenty-two popular inspirational books and CDs, including the best-selling The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, the award winning A Deep Breath of Life, and the classic Are You as Happy as Your Dog? He is a contributing writer for The New York Times number one best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul, and his books have been translated into twenty-three foreign languages. His work has been featured on and in 101 Top Experts. Alan’s monthly column, From the Heart, appears in magazines internationally, along with his interviews. Alan is a respected keynoter and seminar leader for professional meetings in the fields of personal growth, inspiration, holistic health, human relations, and achievement of work/life balance. He conducts Life Mastery Trainings around the world and is the founder of All About U, a university without walls dedicated to higher learning for the higher self. Alan is a faculty member of Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, and appears regularly on national radio and television. Alan brings a warm blend of wisdom, intimacy, humor, and vision to the path of personal, professional, and spiritual growth. He loves to extract lessons from the practical experiences of daily living and find beauty in the seemingly mundane. Many readers and seminar participants have reported that his teachings have brought them deep encouragement and empowerment, and inspired them to believe in themselves and achieve new levels of success in their personal and professional lives.

Q. How did these experiences change you?

A. I felt freer and lighter. I trusted more. When I was in Bali in the early 1990s, I lost ten pounds in two weeks. And it was not like I was really overweight, but I had just lightened up. I realized that when I lightened up spiritually, I also lightened up physically without even trying. The bottom line is that I just felt more connected to others, the universe, and life. I discovered that God was in my heart, not sitting on a distant cloud somewhere.

Q. What are your specific experiences around up-leveling consciousness?

A. It’s the best question because the answer goes the deepest. My purpose in life, besides sheer joy, is to up-level my consciousness. The world that I see out there is nothing more or less than the consciousness I am using to see it. When I recognize the presence of God in that moment, I am upgrading not just my consciousness, but also the consciousness of the planet. When we pray for people or send love or mediate, what we are doing is learning to look at life through the eyes of God. And God does not see lack, pain, fear, starvation, hunger, or loss of any kind. God consciousness is simple wholeness, oneness, and joy.

Two things happen when I come from the perspective of oneness. First, I feel better because I am lined up with my natural knowing and can see life as it is. Second—and here’s the fun part—events, people, and experiences actually shift as my consciousness does. That’s the miracle factor because we do not know exactly how that works. But, as Wayne Dyer says, “. . . change the way you see the world and the world you see will change.” It does not change because you think it does; it changes because you thought it did and then actual events manifested around that. So up-leveling my consciousness is my gift to the planet, which flows to everyone I think about, see, touch, and know.


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