Aimee Alley Gives You The Keys To Your Sacred Self

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Aimée Alley is a Life Coach but she doesn’t use that term. Because what she really does is help people open up to their Sacred Self—that divine part of them that knows who they are and what they have come to do. Aimée’s job is to mirror that back so they can live from this place and share it with others.

To do so they must understand what it means to ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ “If you don’t treat yourself well,” Aimée says, “Chances are you won’t treat your neighbor well either. So love starts with honoring the God within. When you do, you’ll be able to see God in others.”

Many of Aimée’s clients tell her that’s easy to do when life is going well. But what happens when things fall apart? Aimée has helped clients through everything from cancer to divorce. She supports them by giving them tools to honor who they are and trust in the process. For example, she asks them to place their hands on their hearts and say, “I am divine love and light and all is forgiven.” “Focus on the divinity within and watch it blossom”.  Or she has them breathe in joy and breathe out stress. By allowing yourself to know and breathe in your joy, it can become a ripple effect in your life.”

She also gives them a copy of her book, Yes to the Wisdom Within: Keys to Your Sacred Self. In the book, Aimée offers ten keys they can use to live from their Sacred Self. “Key number eight,” she says, “is about living in the present moment. That’s where your power resides. So ask yourself, ‘What am I feeling right now?’ And trust what comes because that’s your Sacred Self guiding you.”

Clients do these heart-centered exercises and read passages from her book to remind them of their Sacred Self. They also like to journal, listing things for which they are grateful. One of the things Aimée gives thanks for is the re-emergence of the divine feminine. She recently returned from a trip to France where she studied ‘hieros gamos,’ the union of the divine feminine and divine masculine. Many spiritual traditions including Christianity have hidden this union over time. Yet Aimée feels this union is essential for peace today within ourselves and the world.

Aimée  is helping people find this peace by offering a 15-minute twice weekly teleseminar (Mondays at 9 am and Thursdays at 3 pm MST) called Stepping Into the Keys, which started Monday, September 13 and ends Thursday, Oct 21. She is also offering three one-day retreats and a longer four-day retreat. For more information, or to subscribe to her Firekeeper newsletter, please visit her website at or contact her at (303) 981-0033 | Aimee @Aimee

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