Rev. Cynthia James on What Will Set You Free

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Have you heard of New Thought? It’s a spiritual movement that began over 100 years ago. Some of its principles are:

Reverend Cynthia James

Reverend Cynthia James

  • God’s perfection is in each of us
  • By releasing limiting thoughts, we can more fully express our divinity
  • As our thoughts change, so does our experience
  • We begin to co-create love and goodness in all we do.

The Evolution of New Thought

Rev. Cynthia James of Mile Hi Church says our understanding of these principles has evolved.  She states,

“In the beginning, there was more of an intellectual understanding of oneness. Then, as people began to deepen their practice, they moved out of the intellect and into the heart. They started living in a state of connectivity and community. In embodying the principles, they got that it wasn’t about the individual, it was about the collective—our responsibility for the whole.”

Rev. James is speaking about the shift that is occurring in our collective consciousness. We now understand that our thoughts, actions, and beliefs impact not only ourselves but also others and the planet. With this understanding comes the responsibility to live by principles that allow us to be of service. Rev. James offered three New Thought principles:

  1. Get clear
  2. Trust the process
  3. Express your gifts.

Get Clear

To get clear, we must become aware of our unconscious thoughts and beliefs. We do this by facing the pain and releasing its energy from our minds and bodies. Prayer, meditation, and spiritual counseling can help. For example, Rev. James used these tools to heal from her violent childhood. As she cleared herself, she began to trust the universe. She states, “This was miraculous . . . because the ‘old me’ felt like life was scary and that I had to fight to protect myself.”

Trust the Process

Rev. James shares what she learned in her book What Will Set You Free: From Pain to Passion in 7 Weeks. Central to the book’s theme is the principle of trust. She explains,

“Personal evolution . . . is a birthing process . . . you are in the womb again and there is no known . . . You must step out and trust. Like Indian Jones in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark when he stepped out and the road of light appeared beneath him.”

Stepping out into the unknown is often the hardest part. Rev. James says fear can sometimes immobilize people. They start to feel lost and retreat back into what they know, even though it’s painful. But if they stay in the void long enough, then something new comes in. That something new is “a state of awareness in which they can fully express their gifts.”

Express Your Gifts

Rev. James believes that the greatest contribution we can make is to be fully alive and fully expressed. In this awakened state, we understand that we are here to serve; that if one person is hungry, we all are hungry. So we share our gifts in service of one another. As we do, we raise the collective consciousness of the planet.

New Thought Ushers in a New Era

Rev. James says this is where New Thought can really make a difference. She states,

“We have the opportunity to usher in a new Era that is about the whole. New Thought can be the messenger of oneness as we live from a place of love and support. Children are an important part of this evolution. Many have come with extraordinary gifts and New Thought can give them a playground to develop these gifts in support of humanity.”

It’s not just to children that the New Thought communities are reaching out. The movement’s message of unconditional love means that everyone is welcome. For example, New Thought churches like Mile Hi have opened their doors to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people (GLBT). This unconditional love and inclusiveness is one of New Thought’s greatest strengths. Its ministers and counselors have helped many people by creating a safe space for them to feel acknowledged and appreciated for who they are. As Rev. James puts it,

“When I walked into my first spiritual community, I was a wreck. But people didn’t judge me. They just were with me, loving me. Through that I learned to trust Source and flow in the Divine so I could be my most expansive self.”

Rev. James goes on to say,

“This is how peace can prevail. We all want to love and be loved—to be creative and make a difference.  If we start putting our attention on that as opposed to our differences, we will transform the planet.”

She concludes by reminding us that “. . . there is no arrival point. Spiritual work is ongoing.” Let’s keep going until the world—the out-picturing of our consciousness—reflects the peace, gratitude, and forgiveness we have found in our hearts. And so it is . . .

For more information on Mile Hi Church, please visit or call (303) 237-8851. For more information on Reverend Cynthia James, please visit or check out her book at and Connections Radio Show at

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